Websites & Applications

We create original, trendy web solutions and custom-tailored applications !

Implement your digital strategy.

Ask yourself the right questions, we have the answers !

Can digital technology help us?

Today, every business needs to have a website, and your presence online is simply indispensable !

Do you know your clients?

The internet offers a multitude of tools for identifying, classifying, targeting and reaching current or potential clients !

What are my strengths?

Knowing your weaknesses is useful for improving your image, but knowing your strengths is just as important !

How is my competition doing?

Knowing your competition, their added value and their success story helps you better position yourself and stand out.

What goals should I define?

Setting clear goals is important, but you also need the means to reach those goals !

What viral tools should I use?

A website is a good start, but a greater presence on properly targeted social networks is even better !

What are my ambitions?

Keep your marketing campaign focussed, expand it as your company grows !

How do I analyse the results?

The most important aspect of marketing is the result, so we help you examine your results and adapt your message accordingly.

Ask for a FREE custom estimate !

Do you have a marketing project in mind? Always on the lookout for new discoveries, the Vikings of Drakkar would be delighted to explore your universe and help you map out the path ahead…

We are TRUXT certified

Financial Longevity and Operational Capability !

This label gives the prospects, clients and financial partners of Drakkar Communication an indication of the quality and longevity of our agency according to the two axes of measurement of an Exaegis audit: financial and operational.


Find out more about the requirements for TRUXT certification

Label Truxt Drakkar Communication


Modern, efficient websites !

Visual Identity & Guidelines

Usability & Web Design (UI & UX)

Your visual identity is the image, the graphic style of your company, and it guides all of your professional communications. As your brand evolves and your clients and potential consumers change, your visual identity has to adapt to consumer and marketing trends, all the while respecting the fundamentals of your image.


Our Viking designers invent, create, adapt and evolve your image according to the changing needs of your communications strategy while respecting the fundamentals of your visual guidelines and the values of your business.


From the logo to the creation of style guides, we’ll help you draft high-quality, customised visual guidelines adapted to your sector of activity.

The Viking UI & UX designers (User Interface and User Experience) will make sure the the user interfaces of your applications and websites are easy to use and up-to-date with the latest trends in internet use in order to make the experience of your users or visitors more intuitive.


Our experience in design, user-friendliness, page layout and browsing, as well as the technological, conceptual and functional choices we propose will boost your image. A good user experience will optimise your communications, increase your visibility and improve your relations with clients and prospects.


Aesthetics and ease of use for a precise marketing objective.

Our expertise makes all the difference !

W3C Standards

For user friendly websites! We create websites according to W3C standards so that your sites are effective, innovative, well-structured, secure, and of course higher ranked!

Responsive Design

Because mobile devices are becoming more and more widespread, offering responsive web solutions that adapt to all types of screens is critical !

SEO Ready

We use dedicated tools to create websites that are optimised for natural indexing while respecting current rules, tags, page indexing, metadata…

Touch Navigation

Our sites adapt to all screens and our solutions are compatible with the touch screens of most mobile devices.


Want to communicate abroad? We can offer you a multilingual solution for your website project with simple management and indexing for any additional languages.

Retina Compatible

For display at extremely high resolutions, we adapt the content and the graphics of your website for perfect high-resolution viewing!


The most powerful Open Source CMS

The advantages of an Open Source CMS

Optimised for web indexing

WordPress is the optimal CMS for search engines! Its structure is ideal for helping crawlers understand your keywords and the management of indexing data is simplified !

Secure and constantly evolving

WordPress is an Open Source solution with regular updates and strong community support. This guarantees a solution that’s always up to date and totally secure !

Ease and flexibility for a business

Significant advantages, a flexible administration interface that can be configured. Infinite possibilities for making changesincluding user accounts with permissions management…

Adaptable to any activity

E-commerce, organisations, communities… Whether large or small, WordPress will meet all the needs of your business !

Some statistics on WordPress

Websites worldwide
Websites using CMS
Sites in the top 100 worldwide
Weekly CMS downloads
Market share
User satisfaction

Estimates based on the year 2013


We create whatever we imagine !

Throughout your project, we’ll be there for you every step of the way :

Domain name, hosting, design / visual guidelines, development, indexing, maintenance and evolution of your website.

The latest internet technologies

Crazy about the latest technology and always on the lookout for innovations, we develop websites that vary in both design and development. We use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features to provide you with incredible effects, transitions and animations.

Customised development

More than anything, our developers are passionate, giving us a substantial set of tools and programming languages (PHP, Node.js, WebSockets, Ajax, Python). We can adapt to any type of project, meeting your exact needs by choosing the solution best suited to your website or application.

A team of warriors

We're well balanced ! in-depth knowledge of web design, development, programming, scripting, network administration, Linux server administration, databases, network security and backup. An expertise that allows us to design and develop your solution from A to Z.

Hosting & Security

The hosting of your website on a dedicated server (OVH), in combination with our backup scripts developed in-house. This guarantees uptime a dedicated bandwidth and optimal data security. We use a UNIX (Debian) operating system for complete control over our server and flawless security.


The tool you’ve been dreaming of, on all devices !

Mobile Applications

The solution for all your mobile users

Besides working on all types of devices, our mobile apps take advantage of the best features available on each device in order to create a unique application for each platform (Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone).


We also make sure the app works well on all recent and older models. This involves finding the best compromise between visual effects and fluidity.

Web Applications

Implement custom solutions in the blink of an eye

Our web applications are optimised and custom-made in order to provide users with simplicity, functionality, and an experience comparable to a desktop application.


The difference between a web application and a website :
Sometimes this escapes users, and the term is often wrongly used. In general, a web application means that the web content is all on a single page. Using a dashboard, everything can be done in a single window, without waiting for a page to load after every click.
Beyond the user experience, web applications are often capable of carrying out much more in-depth tasks than a website, thus replacing a desktop application without requiring download or installation.


Powerful, efficient and secure servers

System Backup

We understand how sensitive and valuable your data is, so we’ve developed our own backup solution. All websites and associated databases are backed up daily, allowing us to go back up to 10 days in the off chance of a problem.

Server Security

Our dedicated servers are all installed under Debian (Linux), giving us optimal configuration and security. All the necessary measures have been put in place to prevent any possible attacks and/or infiltrations. Sensitive data is only accessible locally, blocking any connection attempt from the internet.