Storytelling – a new audiovisual marketing concept

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Storytelling is the use of narrative techniques in communication in order to get the public to buy into what they are hearing. The principle is simple: To reach the head, you must first touch the heart.
In other words, you use emotion to appeal to reason. Storytelling lets you capture people’s attention and get them to believe…


The story can be told by the company itself or by a consumer since “consumers are the co-authors of a business’s history.”


Drakkar Communication launched this concept with its client Michel Gassier. Located on the northern side of the Costières de Nîmes designation, with a microclimate influenced by the sea, Michel Gassier’s vineyards are organically farmed. The fourth-generation winemaker believes in crafting wines that fully express the beauty of the grapes and the terroir that nurtures them. Throughout the year, Michel Gassier tells the story of his vineyards. A series of twelve films was created and then shared and indexed on the internet.

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