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A guide for your image

Make your communication media your primary asset !

Because our creative concepts are adapted and customised, they represent what you are today and what you will be tomorrow.
With our expertise and a culture of following current trends, we guarantee you buzz-worthy publicity through a service based on listening.

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Do you have a marketing project in mind? Always on the lookout for new discoveries, the Vikings of Drakkar would be delighted to explore your universe and help you map out the path ahead…


Let’s work together on your company’s image

Drakkar offers a global service for the creation of your visual identity.

Analysing your strategy

Creating your logo and guidelines

The logo is the first part of a communications strategy, the banner of a company, a brand, its employees and stakeholders. We focus on the state of mind in which it is created and the message that it carries. Before any design, we make an effort to grasp the true identity of your business : its values, its assets and its goals – by carrying out an assessment of your communication strategy.

Once this analysis has been carried out, our team of Vikings uses its experience and technical skills to create a custom visual identity consisting of a logo and the corresponding visual guidelines.


Creating your communication media

We have one goal : your goal !

Our multidisciplinary team springs into action to realise your marketing projects.

The Drakkar crew will guide you and create all your communication media according to your needs.
From different, complementary backgrounds, the Vikings of Drakkar will find the best way to communicate on the basis of your goals and the realities of your market.


We have the capability to create any kind of media, from advertising to informative :

Magazine inserts, product or sales catalogues; event posters or flyers; journals or informative books; advertising brochures; signs or banners; POS displays or stands…


With a service based on listening, we guarantee you buzz-worthy publicity that will help you reach your goals.


Realising your marketing projects

Drakkar Communication prints your products on all types of media

Besides guiding you through the creative process, the Vikings print your products :

Brochures, flyers, business cards, labels…
Posters, billboards, banners, signs…
Brochures, books, catalogues, journals…
POS, banners, event stands, objects, textiles, vehicle wraps…


Custom photo shoots for beautiful images !

Drakkar’s professional photographers are there to make you look good

Successful marketing relies on beautiful images, but you don’t always have the necessary content.
Our professional photographers, specialised in portraits, architecture, events and commercial, are there to show off your products and activities.


Look after the image of your company

The Vikings of Drakkar Communication work together to
redesign your place of business.

The layout of your place of business is an essential part of transmitting your message because it lets you communicate your image, your values, and more globally, your identity.
We help you with the layout of your place of business with one goal in mind : transmitting your identity, your messages and your values through your premises, stores and offices.

Interior design

Interior design, decoration, rebranding.

Optimizing layout

Structuring space, store layout.

Interior/exterior communication

Conveying your image via displays, promotional tools and signs.