Site internet conseils de Jean Luc Rabanel

Website for l’Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel

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hef Jean-Luc Rabanel wanted to implement a strong marketing campaign to highlight his consulting activities. The Rabanel label is a sign of excellence, authenticity, taste, and creativity. The first organic Michelin-starred chef and holder of numerous honours – Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, one of the 16 most prestigious restaurants in France –Jean-Luc Rabanel is attracting more and more media attention and is recognised as a bold and surprising chef. Drakkar Communication developed a website with strong visibility using SEO (natural indexing) and VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimisation).


A website that’s informative, visually appealing and fun.


Drakkar Communication proposed a fun, innovative design using the parallax effect.

The use of the parallax effect in web design gives depth, and interaction between the elements of the page (background, images, decorative elements, texts, etc.) produces an effect of perspective, resulting in an original website. With the parallax effect, you can forget conventional browsing. Here, everything moves, everything adapts and everything fits in, giving the user a unique experience.

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