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Corporate videos, advertising, events, web series, television, audio guidelines…

Video, a powerful communication tool… loaded with emotion !

Video has become the tool most widely used for marketing and communication strategies.


Today, 90% of worldwide web traffic consists of videos, and YouTube has become the 2nd ranked search engine after Google ! But the medium doesn’t make the message. Beyond the technical qualities of a video, it’s the design, mode of broadcast and indexing that make all the difference.


At Drakkar Communication, every project gives us a chance to re-evaluate and challenge ourselves in order to propose an original scenario, transmit an emotion or a surprise and elicit strong identification with your brand. Unlike other agencies, we don’t subcontract our films, but produce them ourselves, which allows us to take a more global approach in order to adhere to a global strategy.

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Do you have a marketing project in mind? Always on the lookout for new discoveries, the Vikings of Drakkar would be delighted to explore your universe and help you map out the path ahead…


Film set, green screen, lighting… It’s all there !

The studio can be used for different types of productions: Photo shoots, news, company video magazines, talk shows, discussion panels, product presentations, fiction, interviews, webcasts, music videos, editing, training videos, special effects.


The acoustics were analysed by professional technicians for pure sound and perfect insulation. The equipment can be adapted according to your needs, and the set bare or fully equipped : There is a separate editing room connected to the studio for recording, as well as a dressing room with tables, mirrors and a wardrobe, and a kitchen with refrigerator, microwave and coffee machine. If you need to film with a green screen, let us know, we’ll be glad to help you.


Our studio can also be rented out.

80m² of set


The studio has a surface area of 80m2 and a ceiling height of 5 meters !



A ceiling lighting grid lets you easily attach any type of lights.

Green screen


A green or white background is available for chroma keying and special effects.



Depending on your needs, Drakkar Communication has multiple cameras available, from Red to Canon 5D.


Sound design is part of our daily routine

More and more brands are using audio to tell stories and hit a note with consumers. They are able to reach people on both a logical and emotional level. Sound is easy to memorise and it has the power to elicit emotions.


On the emotional level, sound has three main functions : evoke, bring together and influence. Sound design can personify an environment, transmit messages and capture emotions.

Branding Music

Drakkar Communication has partnered with Brand In Music an international music publisher dedicated to musical marketing, and works with a large team of composers that will ensure that your values carry all the way to your clients’ ears.

Sound Design


We give special attention to sound design, which reinforces your values and enhances your brand.



Our composers can offer you a large variety of musical styles and genres. Our musical compositions are totally hand-made and royalty-free.


A new camera angle for your films

At Drakkar Communication, we have our own drone, so we can offer you stunning images as seen from the sky ! 10 years ago, helicopters and extremely high production costs were needed to obtain aerial views. Today, all you need is a pilot, a cameraman and a drone and you’re 100 meters in the air, all in HD…


Whether you’re in events, environment, construction or tourism, our drone is here for all of your photo and video needs.

The Drone

A state-of-the-art quadcopter with a three-axis accelerometer, two gyroscopes…

Onboard Camera

A 4K resolution, light, compact swivelling camera, remotely controlled through a Wi-Fi link.


Versatile teams that adapt to your needs.

Whether you’re large or small, we know how to adapt. From filming with 20 people on set to small productions with a few cameramen, we’ll find a solution adapted to your needs. All our films are shot in house.


Corporate videos, product videos, video effects, web series, viral videos, advertisements, animations, we’ll guide you through all of your projects.