Drakkar-Communication, a 360° conqueror !

Come sail with Drakkar Communication and its Vikings!

We are Vikings, and we aren’t afraid of anything; our curiosity is our strength. It drives us to move forward, to keep discovering, to go all the way. We put this motto to work every day for our clients in order to provide them with the expertise they expect. Strategy, creativity, innovation… we look everywhere so that your brand can keep growing.


Our ability to work as a team is your greatest ally because together, we can provide you with all the necessary expertise to deliver a well-rounded, global response to your needs.


The Viking longship (Drakkar in French), our emblem, our values.

  • Cohesion : To move forward smoothly, we all have to row in the same direction, together.
  • Innovation : Like the longship of the Vikings, the most innovative and most creative tools are the best means to keep pushing further.
  • Quality : Even the most beautiful of buildings can crumble to the ground if it isn’t built on a solid foundation. We place quality at the centre of all our activities.
  • Flexibility : No matter which sea it sails, our ship can overcome any obstacle.


With our Vikings, everything starts with strategy. We analyse, we understand and we communicate with you…


With our consultants and our international network, we offer effective, innovative solutions. Together, we’ll start from your current situation to develop an operational strategy that defines your new horizon.


Our rich experience means that you get a coordinated, global solution 100% in-house.

Ask for a FREE custom estimate !

Do you have a marketing project in mind? Always on the lookout for new discoveries, the Vikings of Drakkar would be delighted to explore your universe and help you map out the path ahead…


Quality, Teamwork, Reactivity, Innovation…

Listening & Communicating


Because only teamwork can move a project forward, we’re always listening to you.
Vikings are always open-minded!


We’re driven by the desire to help you, and whether large or small, we’ll find the right solution for you!

Creativity & Quality


We’re full of ideas which keeps us on the cutting edge of society to conquer new horizons!


Once we’ve decided on the idea, attention to detail and high quality are critical elements of our journey.

Flexibility & Reactivity


The best advertisement is a good reputation that travels fast ! This is why we strive for flexibility and reactivity !


All the while respecting your values, which become ours.

Innovation & Trends


Our Vikings closely follow media trends worldwide. With our ideas and your wishes combined, we can discover new worlds.


You think your company is too small ? Try sleeping with a mosquito in your room !


Your satisfaction above all else!

Defining your scope of activities

Our clients come from various horizons, so we make a point of understanding their needs.

Understanding your business

Every company is unique; understanding your business helps us better define your goals.

Define your goals

We determine with you the plans and media strategies, accompanying you in the success of the objectives.

Thinking about the means

Depending on your needs and your activities, we provide you with tools adapted to your message.

Giving advice

Vikings are very resourceful; we’ll be there to give you advice and guide you along your media adventure.

Devising solutions

You have a problem to solve; we have all the expertise required to provide you with the solution.

Steering your project

Whatever the complexity of your project, we’ll sail with you until completion.

Coordinating talent

The skills of our Vikings are complementary, and together, our teams will do all they can to ensure your satisfaction.

Monitoring and analysing

We monitor and analyse the results of existing media campaigns so that your communications can evolve.


Conquered lands


Coca Cola Light





We create beautiful things, and we do it well !

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