Consulting & Strategy

All our expertise at your service !

At the heart of our offer, consulting helps you build the foundation
for a strong, durable marketing plan.

Strategic guidance


Our marketing team

Drakkar Communication provides you with the resources and expertise to create a communications strategy adapted to your needs and the expectations of your clients. Bring us your project and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our expert marketing consultants will guide you through the optimisation of your communications strategy. Our approach is based on a continuous search for the best solutions on the market and operational experience implementing these solutions in France and abroad.

With vast experience in multiple fields, our team of Vikings work on both the strategic and operational aspects of your marketing project.

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Do you have a marketing project in mind? Always on the lookout for new discoveries, the Vikings of Drakkar would be delighted to explore your universe and help you map out the path ahead…

A professional service.

As our guiding principle, we strive to put 4 values into practice:

The foundation of trust; our rigorous methodology, confidentiality, ethics.
The engine of our collaboration, our passion for high end technology, our intellect and creativity.
Essential to efficiency, our recommendations are translated into concrete actions that are realistic and appropriate.
Real- not virtual, we simply listen. Full-on immersion and responsiveness are employed at each stage of our projects.


A global solution for your business.


Knowing you better in order to guide you better.

Before starting any project, we take the time to listen to you, to understand your work, your goals and barriers. We then we carry out an external analysis of your current positioning, your online reputation, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to create a custom-built communications strategy.

Audit et Conseil
Stratégie de Communication 360°


Planning and coordinating all aspects of your communications strategy.

Marketing is not exempt from the rules of management: It’s difficult to reach your goals when they haven’t been defined, and the best way to get there is to have a plan, and even more so, a good plan!


Regardless of your size, we’ll be there through every step in the creation of your marketing plan. We’ll handle the entire process, A to Z.


Need to understand the multitude of new tools available to you? Our dedicated team will help you find the best way to set you apart from the competition and attract the attention of your targets ! We organise and implement all the aspects of your 360° communications strategy: from print to the web to photos, films or even aerial views shot from a drone.


Reaching your goals together

The media plan is a list and schedule of the components for your marketing strategy. It will give you a clear overall view of the various tools, steps and the deadlines that need to be met in order to carry out your strategy; also including the time it will take and the human and financial resources required.

Plan Média
Analyse de performance de votre stratégie de communication


Measuring the effectiveness of your media investments

Measuring results is a necessary step and an integral part of a successful marketing strategy. Our team constantly monitors the impact of your campaigns. We send you regular, precise reports accompanied by key performance indicators in order to adjust and optimise your strategy at any time. This method guarantees efficient and relevant campaigns which are the keys to a successful marketing strategy!