Client References

They trust us… and you ?

Numerous businesses and organisations trust us with their marketing needs.

By choosing Drakkar Communication, you’ll enjoy quality products and work with a committed team that will guide you in the development of your marketing strategy. The Viking longship (“Drakkar” in French) is an ultra-mobile vessel that can move in all directions. This imagery drives our work, our team and our services to have this same sort of advanced  mobility. Guaranteed satisfaction. Come sail with us !

"We organise cruises on the Canal du Midi in a hotel barge, and I wanted the website to reflect the image of this product. Your generosity, and it’s true that it’s not easy to find this quality in a service provider, is the way I work, the way I take care of my clients, and Drakkar Communication has the same approach, which is what attracted me…"

Mathias Gilles, Managing Director

"We needed an instructional tool, a tool that offered training videos. All the videos were translated into various languages and let us reach a maximum number of people throughout the world. We appreciate the professionalism of Drakkar Communication’s teams, who worked with us through every step of the project…"

Antoine Veit, Corporate Identity Manager

"We had developed an audio identity, but we wanted to update and reinvigorate it. Thanks to Drakkar Communication, we were able to create a new, more dynamic audio identity… Rigorous, efficient work on the part of Drakkar Communication…"

Serge Da Silva, Communications Director

"Drakkar Communication, definition on page 126 of the New Rabanel Dictionary: loyalty, professionalism, thoroughness, Danish, creativity…"

Jean-Luc Rabanel, Michelin-Starred Chef

"For me, Drakkar Communication means professionalism, adaptability, of course expertise, and most of all teamwork… We achieved a good result with managers that coordinated all the various teams…"

Guy Modica, Communications Manager

Because we love our clients, and our clients love us !